What is a parent coach and do I need one?

What is a parent coach and do I need one?

For those of you unfamiliar with coaching, here’s a broad definition: A coach helps you clarify your needs and desires and also identifies your obstacles and challenges to meeting those needs. A coach partners with you to help you get out of your own way and evolve beyond what you’ve been capable of on your own. The only difference between a life coach and a parent coach is the focus. A parent coach works with parents to improve life at home.

Parent coaching takes the pressure off being a perfect parent. It helps you part with your guilt about not being the parent you want to be. Parent coaching empowers you to create a clear vision of how you want to raise your kids and run your life. Coaching gives you structure, guidance, and accountability that you can pass along to your own children. In essence, parent coaching teaches parents how to become a coach.

Why do I need a parent coach? My parents didn’t have a coach and I turned out fine.

I’ve been asked this and here are some of my answers.

  • You are not your parents and your children are not you. Unless you are prepared to parent exactly how you were raised, or your kids are exactly like you, you may not know how to meet your unique child where he/she is at.
  • Technology has changed since we were kids, and it’s changing all of us.
  • Teens report much more anxiety and depression than when we were kids.
  • We understand the significance of mental health on our children’s performance and well-being.
  • We are busier and change is rapid, leaving many of us feeling overwhelmed by what’s out there and how it’s affecting our kids.
  • Your parents probably would’ve loved a parent coach! They didn’t exist when we were kids.

The reality is that many of us find parenting hard. We are anxious and so are our kids. They are aware of things in their childhoods that we didn’t know about until we much older. And they are exposed to more and more each day.

I may need a parent coach. How do I know?

Here’s the funny thing about parenting: you’ll give your kids everything they need, but you’ll scrimp on your own needs. I talk to many parents who forget they even have needs!

The catch is that kids need us to be grounded and clear. They are watching the adults in their lives and sense their stress, guilt, and anxiety. They know if we are out of control, or if we don’t like who they are.

Change any of this in the parent, you will see a change in the child.

So how do you know if you need a parent coach? If you are seeking a different outcome with your child and you can’t get there alone, a coach is an amazing resource to have. The impact will be far greater than joining another soccer league.

You are not alone.

Parents are relieved to know that all they are facing is more common and normal than they realize. But when you’re in it, and you haven’t had a perspective check in a while, you feel alone.

We aren’t meant to raise children alone. It really does take a village. If you want something different than what you can create alone, you are not a failure. You’re just out of ideas.

If you’re ready to regain control and find clarity, schedule a 30 minute session here. You will be amazed how quickly you can get unstuck!



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