11 ways to help your child succeed in school

11 Ways To Help Your Child Succeed in School

Back to school time can be chaotic for both you and the kiddos. Whether they are attending a new school or returning after a long, carefree summer, back to school time is a transition. Here are 11 ways you can prepare for...

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Tame the Teen

6 Lessons From the College Admission Scandal

Competitive parenting is a relatively new sport where all players seem to lose something. Kids lose their childhoods and parents lose their perspective. This recent college-admission scandal is an extreme example of modern parenting.  Even if we aren't morally or financially suited...

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Coaching Today's Teen and Bridging the Generation Gap

Coaching Today’s Teen & Bridging the Generation Gap

After the marches this weekend, I heard a lot of people comment about how impressed they are with the poise of today's teens. Today's teen is articulate, passionate and unafraid to speak out. As a generation, Generation Z shows a lot of promising traits.  When...

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Teach Kids How To Fail Better

If you want to provoke a room full of high school parents, tell them: Let your kids fail more. And then teach them how to fail better.   Say what? You mean actually fail, like get an F? How will they get into college...

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