The teen years don’t have to be miserable.

Hi, I’m Helaina Altabef. I’m an educator and personal coach. I help parents and caregivers tame teenage angst and create strong relationships during the challenging teen years.


Even if you know teenage angst is normal, it doesn’t make any easier to deal with day in, day out.


But it’s not a lost cause. We’ve learned so much about how teen brains develop, and why they behave the way they do.  Once you understand teens, meet them where they are, and learn how to communicate more effectively, you will be surprised how quickly teenage angst melts.


Your teens need you more than they’ll ever say. Even if you feel like you’ve tried everything, it’s not too late to end the battles and restore your connection with your teen.


You can raise your teen to be independent and resilient.


And you don’t have to sacrifice your sanity in the process!

Teenage angst + Helana Altabef

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