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Who is it for?

Tame the Teen seeks to form partnerships with organizations that empower parents with information and resources about today’s teens. This includes local Municipal Alliances, JCCs, YMCAs, middle and high schools, libraries, yoga studios, community centers.

Is it only for parents?

No–Helaina loves speaking to teens! She was an educator for 15 years before she launched Tame the Teen. She loves speaking to groups of middle and high schoolers about the same things she offers to their parents: their brains and how it impacts their decision making, anxiety, developing their character, screen addiction, social choices, becoming your own advocate.

What are some topics?

Helaina Altabef combines over 15 years of experience with current research to offer engaging, accessible content to parents and professionals. She talks about teens honestly, and adds humanity and humor to her workshops. Click here for examples of workshops she has delivered.

“Helaina is a fresh perspective. As a parent, you feel like she knows exactly what you’re going through. But she leaves you hopeful, with strategies that shift things at home almost   immediately.”  ~  Masiel R-V., Montclair NJ

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