Core Values for Parenting Teens

In today’s noisy world, it’s challenging to create a core values list, a guide that helps you make choices that are right for your family.

By partnering with Tame the Teen, you get a chance to stand above the noise and identify these core values. Once you know them, it’s much easier to stay connected to your teens and empower them to be independent, resourceful and resilient.


There is no single philosophy or universal core values list. Tame the Teen is based on 5 components that, when mastered, will bring a sense a wholeness and empowerment to you as the parent and to your teen. These are skills that schools don’t teach, but they are foundational for both a peaceful household AND for your teen’s future.


When you choose Tame the Teen, you master the 5’C’s of healthy parent/teen relationships:

Tame The Teen Core Values


So often with teens, it feels like the problem is everything. But this is rarely the case. To begin, we have to get calm enough to identify both our parenting anxieties and what teen behaviors are most challenging.


Once we are calm, we can clarify our boundaries and create our core values list. This means prioritizing what matters most for your family. Clarity also means separating your desires from your needs.


After we chill out and clarify what matters most, we can implement new communication habits. We strategize to make necessary changes so you can remain calm, be clear and consistent. Consistency is key with teens. (And it is harder to do when you are in battle mode!)


At this phase, we looks for changes in connection between you and your teen. Hopefully you are learning more about who your teen is, now that you aren’t fighting as much. Here we further refine your goals for yourself to ensure that you have the space to be a person too!


Finally, we celebrate your transformation, which will be marked by a newfound confidence. You’ll see how making the transition from caregiver to coach is empowering for everyone.