Let teens do nothing this summer

How To Let Your Teen Do Nothing This Summer

  Summer is rapidly approaching, and for some parents, the battle is just beginning. What's the struggle? Summer plans. Why is it a battle? Because you want your teen to do something this summer and s/he doesn't want to do anything. But what if...

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Savvy Parenting tips

6 Things Savvy Parents Understand

Many points of childhood are happy and innocent. But childhood is also confusing, and even more so in the teen years. None of us get through childhood OR parenthood unscathed. At some point, even if you do everything “right,”  it will be...

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10 Ways to Make Your Camper Confident

It’s Spring which means that before you know it, you’ll be at the bus stop sending your kid off to camp for the first time for what is sure to be the time of his or her life! She’s watched the welcome...

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Tame the Teen

6 Lessons From the College Admission Scandal

Competitive parenting is a relatively new sport where all players seem to lose something. Kids lose their childhoods and parents lose their perspective. This recent college-admission scandal is an extreme example of modern parenting.  Even if we aren't morally or financially suited...

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Emerging Advice: Smart Phones and Middle Schoolers

Middle school can be a brutal time socially for all the reasons we remember: cliques and social conformity. The cool kids and the not cool ones. Bullies. The only thing worse than middle school as it was: the addition of Instagram and Snapchat,...

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