Services For Parents

Parenting teens has always been challenging. And in today’s fast-paced, non-stop world, even more so.

Between mental health, bullying, achievement, and screens, the already tough job of raising responsible, respectful, and independent people can feel nearly impossible.


It’s hard to know what’s “right” when it comes to parenting teens, especially when you feel shut out of their lives.

Virtual Parenting Classes

When I start working with parents, they feel like they are alone in their struggles with their teens. They see everyone else doing fine and assume something is wrong with them.


In reality, most parents want to improve their communication, stick to their boundaries, and manage their emotions. They are a mix of afraid and frustrated at being shut out of their teens lives.  They yell more than they want to and say things they regret.


Many of them feel guilty about their shortcomings–they want to be a different kind of parent, but they don’t know how.


Through coaching, parents come to understand that they aren’t “bad” parents–they’ve gotten stuck in some bad habits, or they are repeating what they saw as kids.


They still love their teens, but maybe they need help liking them again.


It’s easy to see how they got here: parenting teens is a tough job. The many ways teens are transforming makes them emotional and moody. They are seeking acceptance from their peers. And they want little to do with their parents so they can become individuals.


The good news is this: But if you can connect to them in spite of all this, and meet them where they are and guide them forward, you change the course of their lives.


As long as a parent believes it’s not too late, she can transform her relationship with her teens.


She can learn concrete tools for changing bad habits, understanding her teen, and becoming accountable for sticking to her core values.


Most of my clients are surprised at how quickly they can get their relationship back on track.


Coaching provides parents with a non-judgemental, compassionate partner who shares their goal–to raise independence, self-driven children. Armed with a series of resources learned over 15 years of interacting with teens, Tame the Teen helps you become the calm, connected and in-charge parent you want to be.


By partnering with a coach and learning new skills, parenting teens becomes less of a miserable experience to survive and more of an opportunity to bond parent and child in a healthy, long-term connection. The relationship becomes less about caregiving and more about coaching them to take control of their lives.


As parents, we would do anything for our kids. But one of the most valuable investments we can make for them is in creating a lifelong connection to them. This foundation gives teens the courage and self-esteem to thrive. Coaching ensures that the foundation is solid.