Parent coaching

Individual Parent Coaching

Who is parent coaching for?

Individual coaching provides personalized process for parents who are ready to change their family dynamics. Parent coaching is an individualized approach to transforming the habits that keep your family in battle mode or disconnected.

What will I learn?

Together, we will get past the overwhelm and frustration, so we can identify the actual problems. With teens, it can feel like everything is a mess, but that’s not true. Once you recognize the main conflicts in your relationship with your teen, you can learn new tools for communicating. You’ll learn how to partner with your teen and find solutions.

What is the time commitment and where is it held?

Clients commit to parent coaching for at least 3 months. Most parents schedule 3 sessions per month. All sessions are held over the phone and scheduled at your convenience.

How will this change my parenting?

1:1 coaching replaces frustration and worry with connection, compassion and confidence.

At the end, you will know your teen and yourself better. You will understand what triggers you both, and how to manage those triggers effectively.

You will have:

  • clarified the values and priorities that matter most for you.
  • implemented boundaries to make sure those priorities are respected and understood.
  • strengthened communication.
  • introduced habits that improve the daily flow at home.

All this makes for a more connected relationship.

What if there is an emergency in between sessions?

Email communication is best. If it’s an emergency, we schedule a session.

Will you work with my teen?

I no longer work with teens. Consider me the translator between you and your teen.

What materials accompany the coaching?

  • Email recap after each session
  • A syllabus/reading list
  • Scripts and go-to lines
  • Template for managing school work/extracurriculars
“Tame the Teen has changed how I see my teens, their friends, and myself. I am much less reactive and take things less personally. We get along better and I am a stronger, calmer presence in their lives.”  ~ Jen C. Montclair, NJ