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Who is it for?

The parent who seeks strategies and tools, who wants ongoing support and accountability, who prefers the structure of a class, and who wants community.

What will I learn?

This is a parenting class for 21st century parents. The class covers different aspects of teen development–social, psychological, and  neurological.  We will address the challenges of raising a 21st century teen such as screens, school, sass, stress, and social pressure.

What is the time commitment and where is it held?

The crash course has two parts: the pre-recorded classes and live calls.  The lessons are downloadable, which means you can watch or listen on the go, or at home. The live calls are scheduled twice a month. Participants  submit their questions in advance, which will be answered on the calls.

Is this a good class for parents of tweens?

Yes. The earlier you incorporate these methods, the better.

How will this change my parenting?

In short: You’ll go from being reactive and endlessly searching for answers to intentional, resourceful, and lovingly authoritative. You’ll transform how you think about and communicate with your teens.


Tame the Teen is a holistic approach to change. It addresses the experience of both the parent and teen. You will gain practical tools and shift your mindset. Both will allow you to partner with your teen more compassionately and effectively.

What are the subjects of the lessons?

  • The teen brain
  • Communication
  • Boundaries
  • Managing social media and screen use
  • Teaching teens to problem solve
  • Cultivating resilience
  • Preparing for independence

What are some behavioral tools you teach?

  • Setting and maintaining clear, consistent boundaries
  • Communicating without conflict
  • Setting limits about screens, sleep, and school
  • Letting your teen failing safely
  • Creating go-to language for moments of conflict
  • Teaching your teen life skills
  • Creating systems for organization and routines

What if I miss a call?

You’ll get a replay in your inbox the next day.

What if something comes up in between classes?

Tame the Teen is also about building community and tapping the wisdom of those in your same situation. As part of the class, you gain access to a private Facebook group where you can ask for help, get support, or just vent without being judged.

What materials accompany the course?

  • Downloadable, easy to understand lessons
  • A syllabus/reading list
  • Cheat sheets
  • Scripts/go-to lines
  • Bullet point takeaways
  • Strategies for teaching time management/organization/executive functioning


A package of 3 coaching sessions can be added to the parenting class. These are especially helpful during transitions such as going to middle or high school; the college application process; change in IEP or 504 plan; changes in family structure (new job, job loss, recent separation).

 “I have a stack of parenting books I never get around to reading. Tame the Teen has taken all that information about teens, boiled it down the most important points, and makes it usable. The bullet lists help keep me focused, and it’s just the right amount of info for a busy parent.”  ~  Lisa F., Tenafly, NJ

Parent coaching

One On One Coaching

Who is it for?

The parent who wants personalized attention to change the family dynamics, but who doesn’t want to share with a group. 1:1 parent coaching is an individualized approach to transformation.

What will I learn?

Together, we will  get past the overwhelm and frustration, so we can  identify the actual problems. With teens, it can feel like everything is a mess. But that’s not usually the case. Once you know this, you’ll learn how to partner with your teen and find solutions.

What is the time commitment and where is it held?

Participants in 1:1 parent coaching commit for at least 2 months, 3 sessions a month. All sessions are over the phone and scheduled at your convenience.

How will this change my parenting?

1:1 coaching replaces frustration and worry with connection, compassion and confidence.

At the end of parent coaching, you will know your teen and yourself better.
You will understand what triggers you both, and how to manage those triggers effectively.

You will have:

  • clarified the values and priorities that matter most for you.
  • implemented boundaries to make sure those priorities are respected and understood.
  • strengthened communication.
  • introduced habits that improve the daily flow at home.

All this makes for a more connected relationship.

What if something comes up in between classes?

Email communication is best. If it’s an emergency, we schedule a session.

Will you work with my teen?

No, I’m the translator between you and your teen.

What materials accompany the course?

  • Email recap after each session
  • A syllabus/reading list
  • Scripts and go-to lines
  • Template for managing school work/extracurriculars
“Tame the Teen has changed how I see my teens, their friends, and myself. I am much less reactive and take things less personally. We get along better and I am a stronger, calmer presence in their lives.”  ~ Jen C. Montclair, NJ


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Who is it for?

Tame the Teen seeks to form partnerships with organizations that empower parents with information and resources about today’s teens. This includes local Municipal Alliances, JCCs, YMCAs, middle and high schools, libraries, yoga studios, community centers.

Is it only for parents?

No–Helaina loves speaking to teens! She was an educator for 15 years before she launched Tame the Teen. She loves speaking to groups of middle and high schoolers about the same things she offers to their parents: their brains and how it impacts their decision making, anxiety, developing their character, screen addiction, social choices, becoming your own advocate.

What are some topics?

Helaina Altabef combines over 15 years of experience with current research to offer engaging, accessible content to parents and professionals. She talks about teens honestly, and adds humanity and humor to her workshops. Click here for examples of workshops she has delivered.

“Helaina is a fresh perspective. As a parent, you feel like she knows exactly what you’re going through. But she leaves you hopeful, with strategies that shift things at home almost   immediately.”  ~  Masiel R-V., Montclair NJ

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