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What is Tame the Teen?

Tame the Teen is coaching for parents who want to end the battles, restore connection and bring on the peace at home.

It is a live, virtual group-coaching program, not a pre-recorded series delivered to your inbox. You will work directly with Helaina throughout this transformative experience to finally get to the bottom of the mysteries that lie beneath all things teen!

Working with Helaina, you will take part in live, 1-hour webinars. You will be schooled in TTT’s tried and true system for connecting with and empowering your teen. Each week, one parent will receive one-on-one coaching. Every week will conclude with a Q&A to bring answers to the questions that puzzle parents the most.


So what are some of the burning questions that parents have about their teens?

  • Is this impulsive behavior normal?
  • How do I communicate clearly so that there is mutual respect?
  • What are my boundaries and bottom lines and what can I let up on?
  • How do I help her thrive in school without fighting about it? (resources, time management, what to hold onto and what to let go of)
  • Can I do anything to get my teen off his phone?


By the end, what will be different between me and my teen?

  • A more complete understanding of your teen that will evoke empathy instead of anger.
  • Clear and straightforward communication tools that build strong connections instead of conflict.
  • A clear distinction between your boundaries and your preferences.
  • Strategies for implementing and maintain those boundaries.
  • Know-how for helping them manage their schoolwork without doing it for them or engaging in a war to get it done.
  • Guidelines for screen use.

The Tame the Teen System

The Tame the Teen framework is based on 5 components that, when mastered, will bring a sense a wholeness and empowerment to you as the parent and to your teenager. They contain skills that schools don’t teach, but are foundational for both a peaceful household AND for your teen’s future.  

You will receive support for mastering the 5’C’s of healthy parent/teen relationship:

Calm: The process begins with opportunity to stand above the noise and connect with your greatest parenting fears and anxieties. You will release all of what is stressing you out in preparation for the next step. In this part of the process, you will also be coached to identify your values, the building blocks of your boundaries. 

 Clarity:  From a place of calm and reconnection with what matters most, you will order your priorities for your family based on what is most pressing and what  you value most. You will separate your desires from your needs and be introduced to your boundaries. 

Consistency: Now that you have chilled out and clarified what’s most important, you will learn communication tools for establishing your boundaries. We strategize to make the changes you have identified as necessary. You’ll also get support for being consistent, which is fundamental to successfully changing relationships with teens and also much harder to do when you are in battle mode! 

Connection:  At this phase, we evaluate the connection that you and your teen are growing. Are you learning more about who your teen is, now that you aren’t fighting as much? If so, how can we incorporate that learning into your relationship and family system? We also further refine your goals for yourself to ensure that you have the space to be a person too!

Confidence:  Finally, we celebrate your transformation, which will be marked by a newfound confidence in yourself as the leader of your little tribe! 

Helaina Altabef

New York Metro Area


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