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Individual Coaching

Tame the Teen’s one-on-one coaching is a chance to tune in to your unique challenges as a parent. It is a partnership for defining your values for your family.

This isn’t about me choosing your values and priorities. It’s about tuning out all the noise and connecting with your own intuition about what’s most important for you and your family.

Know this: teens thrive when the expectations are clear and consistent. If only it was that easy. Establishing and maintaining clear boundaries can be incredibly challenging for parents during these years.

If you are battling with your teen and then giving in because you don’t have the energy to fight, then one-on-one coaching is a great solution. It is ongoing problem-solving and support for remaining consistent and in control.

Tame the Teen individual coaching is for you if you are a busy parent who wants results, one who trusts that the relationship with a teen can be something other than totally miserable, and someone with a sense of humor.

You’ll get information, insights, resources and solutions for helping your teen thrive.

You leave with:

  • A parenting credo comprised of your current parenting priorities.
  • A better understanding of the teen brain.
  • Effective communication tools for getting through to the teen brain.
  • Clarity of language for setting and maintaining boundaries and consequences.
  • Ideas for instilling “real life” skills.


Contact me  to schedule your free 30 minute consultation.

Helaina Altabef

New York Metro Area


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