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Parenting A Teen Is A Piece Of Cake!

Said nobody ever. Raising teens was always challenging. These days, it’s even more true. Today’s teens are growing up in a completely different world than we did. This leads us to some hard questions that may feel unanswerable, like: How then do you  get on the same page with someone who speaks a different language? Is it possible to find common ground and end the battles and misunderstandings? How do you set aside all the distractions and focus on what is best for you and your family? How do you end the power struggles and reconnect?   What if there was another way to do this parenting thing, to get what you want and also give your teens what they need? Kind of like a parenting makeover that would lead to:







You’d try it, right? It doesn’t sound easy, but if you are ready for a transformation that will leave you empowered to be this kind parent, Tame the Teen is here to help. Before your next frustrating encounter with your teen, sign up for our cheat sheet: “3 Tips For Getting Through To Teens” It’ll show you how effectively to set and maintain boundaries, and communicate them to your teen clearly. That’s how we start Taming the Teen! Share your email and we’ll send your cheat sheet right away. Scroll down to sign up.

Tame The Teen is a system of relating to teens that keeps the peace, builds mutual trust and respect, and encourages accountability and independence. It provides parents with the tools to tame teenage angst and grow productive, mature relationships. Here you will get understanding, strategies, and a healthy dose of humor to help your family gel better. You will feel empowered to meet your teen where he’s at. And best of all, you will be able to gift your teen the tools needed to become a respectful, resourceful, and independent person.

Educator, life coach, and mom, Helaina Altabef, gets teens. In her career as an educator, she’s honed a variety of strategies to meet teens where they are, equip them with real-life skills, and draw forth their best. Tame the Teen is a place to share these tools with parents who are seeking to do more than just survive the teen years. 

She shares the goal of parents everywhere: Raising awesome, independent and empowered people.

Helaina Altabef

Helaina Altabef

New York Metro Area


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Download Our Cheat-sheet:

3 Tips for Getting Through to Your Teen

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